Hosted Live Stream Event


Plan $700

  • Full audio/video support (up to 100 guests)
  • Up to 4 hours
  • Licensed Pro DJ Mood Enhancer
  • 1hr pre-planning creative development support



When it comes to planning a virtual webinar or event, you want to set the mood for your clients from their arrival to departure.  First impressions are made within the first 20 seconds of a guest's interaction with you. You have that much time to show them you're either a winner or loser.  The lighting, music, personality of your host, and presentation can all determine the impression guests will take away.


You are planning an entertainment experience!  Starting with the end in mind, planning for some kind of entertainment can advise an experience your guests will remember.


Let us help you visualize and manage the story you want to tell. We offer several plans and packages that will leave guests wanting to engage with you during and after your virtual promotion or event.



  • Zoom and ReStream Platform
  • Restream on multiple channels
  • Create virtual invitations
  • Audio and Video professionally engineered for live streaming
  • Pro DJ to add atmosphere and connect with participants
  • Broadcast on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other channels


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Virtual Hosting Package

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