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Get your cause recognized and

build support with our network

of talent and entertainment


Since 2012 Perforemost has been organizing and communicating with talent and cause-based services to provide entertainment experiences that inspire hope.
Talent + Music + Video + Social Networks + Events = Funding


Giving is more popular than ever!  Through social media and non-profit funding platforms, causes and charities can quickly gain the support they need.


Utilizing talent and creativity to connect with stories can inspire growth for your cause.  Marketing is affordable for anyone today with the right tools.  Let us help you create a total impact campaign to reach your audience. 


Action Plan

Web, Video, and Event Promotion

  • Through your campaign, we connect you with the right talent and tools to reach a broad audience

  • Custom songs, music videos, targeted campaign adds, graphic art and tailored events will all be a part of the experience to launch your campaign 

  • Custom blasts utilize our network of reputable blogs, feeds and news sources to broaden your campaign

  • House and concert promotions will put your cause in front of a larger audience with a tailored event and entertainment experience

  • For key participants, catering, vendor support and a multi-city outreach tour can be provided

  • We negotiate with all Hope Artists, additional talent, and vendors to secure the best promotional package

  • We'll host your campaign with you on popular platforms like or providing a secure funding source



For more information, please email:

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